Tips from a Business Card Printer

Thursday, 21 July 2016 15:56:45 Europe/London

business card printingIt’s time to look at what your business card can do for you. As a company that has been printing business cards for close to 40 years we have a few tips that we can pass on to get the best from your card. Not the actual printing and boards; that they have to be excellent goes without saying (or it should!) What we are going to share with you is some tips on guerrilla marketing and how your business card can help.

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Print Your Own Postcards

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 17:02:41 Europe/London

Printed postcardsThe opportunity to print your own postcards is too good to pass up. They are such a fabulous medium for getting your message right in front of the very people you want to impress – your prospects and customers. As a piece of direct mail the postcard is the one printed product that gets a welcome when it is delivered, as it generally goes hand in hand with an offer, a promotion, an event or something exciting newsworthy.

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Kraft Wrapping Paper - the cheats guide

Friday, 15 April 2016 19:35:05 Europe/London

kraft wrapping paperAbout the author

We are often asked if we can print wrapping paper on kraft paper - and the answer has always been no.  Until now. Prompted by an obvious desire for kraft wrapping paper printing we have come up with the cheats answer - print the background in a kraft style. Obvious really :)  There are many benefits to this. Read on for more information.

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Letter writing gets a boost

Wednesday, 16 March 2016 14:11:40 Europe/London

About the author

Here is some food for thought:-notelets

• Global Industry Analysts Inc predicts that the global market for stationery products will exceed $226 billion by 2020.

• The UK based Greeting Card Association market report for 2015 shows greeting cards were sold with a value of over £1.6 billion at retail and that the total value of single cards sold in the UK in 2014 stood at £1.39 billion, up 7.77%

Wow – those are impressive figures!

At A Local Printer we have seen our online customer base change from predominantly promotion and marketing print with some businesses printing to retail driven. One trend that is very heartening to see is the increase in letter writing stationery – after all, what is nicer than receiving a handwritten letter that someone has taken the time and effort to write.

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10 Years On - The ALP Logo Evolves

Friday, 15 January 2016 10:47:00 Europe/London

10 Years On - The ALP Logo Evolves

At A Local Printer we are often involved in creating and refreshing brand identities for our clients, but something that we have only toyed with when it came to our own! With February 2016 marking the ten year anniversary of the launch of our website it was the ideal time to take a long hard look at our own brand and re-evaluate it in terms of where we are now. 
We are still an eco printer first and foremost, but have diversified our services to include more design and marketing, product development and fulfilment to deliver an end to end service to our customers.
It was important to us that our new brand remained recognisable which is why the font used for our name has remained the same. The addition of a new full colour logo that has a similar shape to our original Mobius loop style was also a key consideration. The addition of lots of colour reflects the fact that we are a colour printer, whilst the circular shape indicates an encompassing service and still retains a nod to the Mobius loop through the style of the connected links.
We hope that you like the new branding and please feel free to add your feedback by commenting! 
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