Bespoke gold and black printed notepads

We have recently printed some simply gorgeous A5 daily notepads for Dear Diary.  Available in two clever designs each pad gives you the opportunity to record personal goals, make notes and organise your tasks for the day. Eco printed with vegetable oil based inks the design incorporates a heavy accent of metallic gold which combines with black to create a visually luxurious notepad.

"We have received the notepads and we're so happy with how they look"

Gold and black printed notepads

Available to purchase from The Dear Diary website there are also hints and tips to help you plan your day and how to use the notepad to maximum effect. Who knew there were so many uses! 

From a technical point of view I am especially pleased with the finished results. Printing metallic ink on uncoated papers is always a concern; the metallic particles may be absorbed in to the paper, with the result of not much lustre. However, the gold print on each of these notepads is strong and vibrant, delivering a truly opulent printed product.

We have lots of printed notepad products on our website, and although you won't find ones with metallic ink you can always drop us a quick email and we will get back straight back to you with a price.


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