eco printing from A Local PrinterAs I hope you all know, eco-printing is what we are all about. We have been successfully selling it online since 2006, with a growing product range and customer base. Today I thought it would be interesting to do a review of eco-printing and write a blog about the changes that we have seen since those very early days when recycled paper was almost impossible to source and vegetable oil based inks were in their infancy.  My first port of call is Google - for a browse through any industry white papers covering this topic. The search term entered ‘Is there still a place for eco-printing’. Read on to see what I learnt today...

So, my big mistake was to enter ‘eco printing’ rather than ‘eco-friendly printing’, but through this omission I have learnt all about eco printing with plant leaves, petals and minerals on to cotton, felt or paper. Fabulous! For anyone with even a tiny amount of crafty interest this is a wonderful way to engage with nature and create unique eco printed products – and there are lots of blogs and websites with tutorials and workshops to learn from. 

Essentially, leaves and petals that are left in contact with material for a long time and under pressure can leave a print behind. The addition of heat through steaming or immersing in hot water helps to extract the natural dies in the plants and the print is created. The shortened version is to collect your plant matter, wrap it in your fabric or paper, boil it /steam it and then leave it – for up to a week in some cases! Now I am giving a very simplified version of events but if you have been inspired and would like to find out more this is a very useful place to start
For inspiration and some great examples of what you can achieve this website is full of promise

Finally, just in case you wondered, I’m happy to say that A Local Printer was on page 1 of Google for eco printing as well as eco-friendly printing. Go SEO!

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