eco printWhatever your business, you will be aware of the increasing need to reduce your carbon footprint: using an eco printing service is an excellent way of minimising your environmental impact whilst also boosting your company’s green credibility.
As an SME, conforming to environmentally conscientious practices might seem challenging, but with our quality eco printing service, enhancing your company’s green credentials is easy and inexpensive.

Choose green suppliers and eco printing to benefit your business

Gain ‘green’ accreditation by selecting your suppliers carefully.  If your business utilises any form of printed promotional collateral – from leaflets, flyers and calendars to business cards, stationery and wrapping paper – then switching to our eco printing service can benefit you and demonstrate your environmental commitment.  You can even raise your company’s image by including our eco printing logo. 
So what is eco printing?
At A Local Printer there are a few elements which combine to make our eco printing service: 
• We recommend the use of uncoated recycled paper which carries the National Association of Paper Merchants’ Recycled Logo and is officially defined as ‘100% recycled paper’.   
• The coated papers we use are all sourced from responsibly managed forests.
• We reduce, or avoid, our use of chemicals and instead use an inert water-based coating sealant which is eco-friendly. 
• Our eco printing inks are vegetable oil-based and we avoid the use of IPA (isopropyl alcohol) on our presses. 
• We have virtually eliminated our Volatile Organic Compound emissions. 
• We reduce and recycle waste paper and chemicals. 
• We use energy-efficient printing presses which consume 50% less electricity than other machines.
Recycled paper from responsibly managed forests   Eco Friendly - inks, paper and printing
Eco printing – what about the quality?
Improvements in the quality of recycled paper mean that the performance of the stock we use is comparable to ‘virgin’ paper (virgin fibre is new fibre that has never been used by a manufacturer to make paper or other products).  All of the papers we recommend have been ‘de-inked’ and so are as white as conventional virgin paper with no grey tint.
How does eco printing impact on cost?
 At A Local Printer we provide an affordable eco printing service and have removed cost barriers which have previously existed - we encouraging cost-effective batch printing and online ordering and our buying power enables us to purchase eco-friendly products at a competitive cost which we pass to our customers. 
What are the environmental benefits of using recycled materials? 
Eco printing practices, such as using recycled paper, divert waste paper from landfill sites.  Not only are landfills growing rapidly but they are also a source of methane emissions which contribute to global warming.  Eco printing supports the recycled materials industry and it is essential: recycling is only viable if end-markets are created for the products made from recovered waste paper.
A design package to complement our eco printing service
At A Local Printer, in addition to our high quality eco printing service, we also offer a top notch design service: our friendly and professional in-house design team are on hand to turn your concept into print-ready reality.
A Local Printer’s eco printing policy
Our eco printing service doesn't cost the earth, helping to significantly reduce the environmental impact of printing.  
To discuss your requirements and find out about our broad range of eco printing services, please call us on 01903 742003. 

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