Ricoh colour digital press at A Local PrinterSay hello to Ricoh – our new and very impressive digital press. And we can’t wait to introduce you to this all singing and dancing piece of kit. With our new Ricoh in residence our small order and digital printed products will be entering a new realm – not to mention all of the other possibilities that it brings.

Read on to learn more about this sexy beast.

Digital printing improvements move swiftly and presses these days are more in line with commercial printing presses rather than the glorified photocopiers that they used to be. Each new advancement in digital printing irons out the inherent problems associated with digital print – banding of solid colour, limited range of suitable materials, inconsistent print finish, toner cracking and all of the other little gems that we know and love. So our new Ricoh Pro C9100 blows a raspberry at all of these annoying issues? You bet it does! 

New digital printing benefits in a nutshell

Thicker boards. This new digital press allows us to print up to 400gsm rather than the previous ‘wing and a prayer’ 350gsm. So fabulous for high quality, small runs of business cards. Can’t wait! 

Textured and synthetic materials. Say howdy doody to a totally new range of materials now suitable for digital printing. From Conqueror Stonemarque to kraft, metallic, glossy and pulp boards our new Ricoh press eats up textured and specialty papers and delivers stunning results.  I can see a whole new range of gorgeous greeting cards and invitations waiting in the wings. 

Endless possibilities. This new baby comes with the option of creating up to 1,000 different paper profiles. That’s an awfully big range of materials to play with. 

Digital dynamism. Variable Data Printing (VDP) creates opportunities to personally reach out to customers in targeted campaigns. 

Eco-friendly. Well that goes without saying really. The press itself is International Energy Star certified, meets EPEAT Silver criteria and is EU RoHS certified. The toners (called Colour PxP EQ) are a new generation of polymerized toner that achieves co-existence of eco-friendliness and quality through low temperature fixing and high colour definition. 

Polymerized toners are made by combining polyester resin with colour pigment particles, unlike the conventional pulverized toners and uses 35% less CO2 in the manufacturing process.  It is designed to fuse at 20C lower which means that less energy is used when printing. 

Rockin’ with Ricoh. We are itching to get our hands on our new digital press and to bring you even more products and possibilities. As we bring them on stream we will be sure to let you know. Now you will be able to get even more exciting products from A Local Printer.

It's here!

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