Use leaflet printing to generate business

Friday, 11 October 2019 13:53:49 Europe/London

Leaflet Printing for BusinessAs an inexpensive marketing tool for businesses of every size leaflet printing is an ideal entry point. From beauty parlours to poodle parlours and takeaways to tyres you can produce a leaflet focussed on your business and the services that you offer.

Before you rush in to the specifics of the design, colours and content take a moment to identify and understand how to reach your target audience efficiently and effectively.

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Charity leaflet - design tips for a successful Christmas campaign

Tuesday, 13 December 2016 16:38:35 Europe/London

charity leaflet printingBefore designing your charity leaflet there are two fundamental questions you need to investigate and answer. Do you understand your supporter? What is your message to them? 

Understanding your charity’s supporters is paramount if you want to communicate with them successfully. Your supporters will have different ‘triggers’ depending upon whether they are directly affected by the charity you represent or whether it is an altruistic interest. Knowing how many supporters are actively involved in the charity, whether it is through fundraising, attending events or promoting petitions will help you to determine which type of leaflet is likely to be most successful.

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Why your homework comes before your Leaflet Printing

Friday, 16 September 2016 19:24:05 Europe/London

Leaflet Printing from A Local PrinterLeaflet printing is ideal as an inexpensive marketing tool for businesses of every size. Whether your business is a beauty parlour or a poodle parlour, a take-away or a delivery service, a leaflet is an effective way to tell everyone about your business and the services that you offer. 

Leaflet Printing – Plan ahead for success!

To get the best results and maximum return on the investment in your leaflets you need to consider your target audience, where you will find them and how you will communicate with them.

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Tips and tricks to measure the success of a campaign, when you print flyers, leaflets or brochures

Planning to print flyers, brochures and more?  Read our simple tips to optimise your efforts and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.
Whether you’ve decided to print flyers, refresh your business cards, create a new brochure or reinvigorate your entire suite of marketing material, it’s wise to consider how you measure the return on your investment.  Before you go ahead and print flyers, leaflets or brochures it’s worth thinking about the ultimate aims and objectives of your campaign, so that your printed material can accomplish these. 
Why print flyers, leaflets or brochures?
Nothing can detract from the power of tangible printed material – it’s something you can distribute to your target audience, which conveys your message and which can be retained and referred to at a later date.
Print flyers with our express digital service
If you decide that flyers are the answer to your marketing requirements then our Quick Print digital service is ideal.  Our high quality service means that you can print flyers in full colour, on eco-certified materials and in runs of 50-1000 which ensures that you keep waste to a minimum.   
Here are our tips for measuring the success of your campaign, if you opt to print flyers to promote an event, new service or special offers. 
The ideal way to promote an event: print flyers 
It is essential to promote an event or venue to your target audience and an effective way to achieve this is to print flyers.  Flyers can be distributed by mail drop, newspaper or magazine insert, via street distribution or by placing in specific and relevant locations.  Including a customer incentive – such as reduced entry on presentation of the flyer, or a voucher for a free drink – will serve to attract people and is also a great way to gauge the reach and success of your campaign. 
Print flyers or leaflets to promote new services or products:
To print flyers or leaflets is a cost-effective way to publicise a new product or service and enables you to connect and engage with your target audience.  If your call to action directs people towards your website then incorporating a Quick Response (QR) code or customised URL is a useful way to measure the impact of your flyer. 
Print flyers to provide incentives for your customers:
When you design and print flyers there’s a perfect opportunity to include a customer incentive, such as a coupon or discount code, which is a fantastic way to drum up extra interest in your business.  Simply add specific discount codes, unique flyer numbers, custom URLs or QR codes to monitor the success of your campaign.
Don’t want to print flyers? Optimise your business card instead
Get it right, and your business card has the potential to be one of the most valuable, powerful and cost-effective networking tools in your armoury.   With so many business cards in the arena it’s important that yours works for you and stands out from the crowd.  Of course you should include all relevant contact and social media details but, as with print flyers, it’s also worth including a call to action, such as a specific coupon or discount that is unique to your card which, when redeemed, would help you to measure the reach of your card and this will also encourage the recipient to retain your business card. 

Decide whether you want to print flyers or brochures
If your business requires a more substantial piece of literature then a printed brochure is a worthwhile investment.  A brochure provides your customers with more detailed information than if you were to print flyers.  Again, as with flyers and business cards, it is possible to incorporate a combination of incentive and unique QR codes, or other identifiers, to measure the impact and efficacy of your brochure.
A Local Printer – an unrivalled product range 
If you’re looking to print flyers, leaflets, business cards or brochures – in fact, any part of your marketing collateral – then look no further than A Local Printer Ltd.  We offer quality litho and digital eco-friendly printing, with or without a creative design service, which doesn't cost the earth and helps to significantly reduce the environmental impact of printing.  
To discuss your requirements and find out about our range of printing services call us on 01903 742003. 
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How to make your leaflet printing work

Friday, 18 July 2014 01:00:00 Europe/London

Follow our advice on leaflet printing to ensure your leaflet becomes a coffee table staple.

How to make your leaflet printing workLeaflet printing is one of the many strings to our bow, so we’ve put together some tips and advice to make sure you reap maximum benefits from this useful marketing tool.
Content – make sure you get your message across
To avoid overwhelming the recipient of your printed leaflet, you need to convey your message succinctly and with clarity, so keep your copy tight and use bullet points and bold headings.   To create a great impression, ensure that your grammar and spelling are flawless.  It is crucial to include a call to action and contact details.
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