Review of 2020So, what to say about 2020. The less the better in my opinion. I think we would all like to put the year that never was behind us and look towards 2021 with some positivity. But of course, there are always some high points to acknowledge and I make no apology for my cheesy first ‘high’ of the year which is a joint award – to our wonderful customers and simply stunning staff. Quite frankly, both went above and beyond this year and my eternal thanks does not really do justice.

The fact that this is the first blog since March 2020 really does demonstrate what a year we have had – and that it has literally been all hands on deck.  So, although there has been very little time for product development, other than COVID related, we have managed to get a few off the ground.

2020 Top of the Pops – Card Catch Stickers

Our Card Catch stickers easily take the top spot for new product of the year. A brilliantly simple product that removes the need for those pesky bags to keep envelope and card matched up. The uptake on this has been phenomenal – and anything that removes the need for additional packaging is a winner in my book. 100% recyclable the Card Catch can be peeled off and sent straight to the recycle bin. Marvellous! 

card catch stickers

Product that makes me really happy

This can only be our unique access to RecyCup paper which is made entirely from recycled single use paper cups. Although we only have access to 140gsm this pulpy paper has made a hit as one of our Art Print papers, and I have a few ideas of how to expand its product potential further…. 

Blow-out of the year 

Not a product this year, but the fact that on occasion we had to extend our product lead times due to shortages of staff and difficulty in getting some raw materials in a timely manner resulting in concern and frustration for some of our customers. We will do our best to improve in 2021.

So, as a personal and final note to 2020. Good-bye. We won’t miss you. But you have shown us how to be resilient, thankful and to find gold in the people around us.

Owner of A Local Printer with a love of eco-printing, rooting through the paper bins and pestering the printers for exciting samples.