Neon PrintingOne of the main benefits of being parked in the office that manages the bespoke enquires we receive is that I can spot a trend in products that our customers are interested in. Our customers are our barometer on new product requirements and as such we are able to respond very quickly to new market interests. This year we have added 18 new products to our website based upon enquiries from our customers.

Read on to see what you are responsible for!

Thicker, Better Swing Tags

There is a ground swell of opinion that swing tags should be moving away from plastic and towards paper, and rightly so. Further to requests for thicker boards in 2018 we increased the weight of our silk swing-tags to 400gsm, giving them a much thicker feel in the hand. Coated boards always feel thinner than uncoated board, even though the actual weight is the same. This is down to the fact that the pulp is ‘squashed’ when it goes through the rollers that gives it the sheen finish. Useful information for a Trivial Pursuit question!

All Shapes and Sizes

Our customers love die-cut products, and so do we! You can have so much fun with die-cutting unique shapes, whether it is for an actual shaped product or for adding detail within the product. Following the increased interest in swing-tags we added 5 die-cut swing tags to the website, 2 circular, rounded corner and 2 luggage style tags. Proving popular!

Die cut folder

Die-cut letters in a folder make a memorable product

Terrific Texture

Whilst there are many different types of textured paper available, we spent time testing a range of them on our press base to ensure that they were going to give the very best printed results. Consequently, we have added a thick board with inclusions for our vintage style greeting cards, a linear textured card, a dimpled card and a ‘cross-hatch’ warp/weft card for our textured swing-tags.

Knock-out Neon

On my foreign travels early in 2108 I noticed that lots of shops were selling neon printed products. ‘Hello’ I thought, ‘here’s something new’. So, I hot-footed it back to Blighty and set about creating a range of neon printed products for the retail sector. And bingo! It’s a winner. And what’s not to like? Bold, bright beautiful and a real head-turner.

So please keep the enquiries coming and we will keep adding the products you want to the website. That way everyone is a winner.

Happy designing in 2019!

Owner of A Local Printer with a love of eco-printing, rooting through the paper bins and pestering the printers for exciting samples.