Notebook printing waiting for finishingAs we enter 2017 we thought it would be fun to have a look back at 2016 and find out what are the favourite products we printed, as picked by a cross reference of each department. After all, they are the ones that see every item that passes through our factory and have hands on experience with all of them. Have a scroll down to see which items were Top of the Pops as far as we are concerned. Perhaps they are your favourites as well.


Bev gets to grips with a whole host of notebooks

The Studio 


“Of all the artwork we see I most enjoy the designs supplied for our Notebook Printing. It is always so varied and I like it when clever elements have been incorporated in to the design for a fresh approach.” 


“The products that we sell as retail items are always the most interesting to look at. As a designer it is motivating to have a constantly changing stream of new artwork coming across my desk. It can be inspiring and useful for identifying new trends – which in turn helps us to introduce new products to the website.”  


“I like to get stuck into a concertina leaflet. The way that the design tells a story about the products can be intriguing and also requires some effort to get it flowing properly, which I appreciate from a designer’s point of view.” 


Top products for 2016 - Notebooks, Flyers and Wrapping Paper Printing

 Our favourite things

The Printers 


“Being on the end of the press means that I get to see every type of litho product ordered via our website. For me, the products that I enjoy working with most are the flyer printing runs and also the wrapping paper. The flyers are an easy product to run and with so many being printed each week it is nice to have ‘flying flyers’ on the shift! From an aesthetic point of view I enjoy printing wrapping paper as there are lots of designs and different paper variations.” 


“Notepads and Weekly Planners are top of my list. It’s always interesting to see how our customers incorporate different design elements to create a product that is totally unique; especially when it comes to weekly planners which you would think would all look exactly the same. They don’t!” 


“Running one of the digital presses means I get to print all the ‘small order items’ and a big chunk of the retail items we sell. Sometimes we are so busy that all my time is taken up getting them printed and ready for passing on to the finishing department. When things are less hectic I prefer to print the leaflets and flyer products. With our new digital press due within a few weeks I am really looking forward to printing on all the new substrates that we haven’t been able to so far.” 


The Finishing Department 


“My job is to get every printed job out of the door as quickly as possible so I would say that Flyers are my favourite product. Almost as soon as they are off the press I can have them cut and boxed and on their way to the customer. Perfect!” 


“I prefer working with all the Notebooks we print and finish. Generally we run several jobs together so it gives me the opportunity to get stuck in to a long run of finishing. I use the opportunity of hand finishing them to check on the quality as well. They are also a nice product to look at. We have so many designs coming through that there is always something that grabs your eye.” 


“I would say that litho brochures are my favourite product. They are easy to finish, look good and are always different.” 


The Office 

We love everything and the more the better! What gets us all fired up is the enquiries that come through that are a challenge to produce. We take the time to find the right materials and everything else that is needed to ‘make it work’. Once we take the order and pass the job on to production, the best thing is to see the job printed and finished. It gives us a real sense of achievement.


Owner of A Local Printer with a love of eco-printing, cupcakes and rooting through the paper bins for exciting samples.