Kraft Wrapping Paper - the cheats guide

Friday, 15 April 2016 19:35:05 Europe/London

kraft wrapping paperWe are often asked if we can print wrapping paper on kraft paper - and the answer has always been no.  Until now. Prompted by an obvious desire for kraft wrapping paper printing we have come up with the cheats answer - print the background in a kraft style. Obvious really :)  There are many benefits to this. Read on for more information.

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10 Years On - The ALP Logo Evolves

Friday, 15 January 2016 10:47:00 Europe/London

10 Years On - The ALP Logo Evolves

At A Local Printer we are often involved in creating and refreshing brand identities for our clients, but something that we have only toyed with when it came to our own! With February 2016 marking the ten year anniversary of the launch of our website it was the ideal time to take a long hard look at our own brand and re-evaluate it in terms of where we are now. 
We are still an eco printer first and foremost, but have diversified our services to include more design and marketing, product development and fulfilment to deliver an end to end service to our customers.
It was important to us that our new brand remained recognisable which is why the font used for our name has remained the same. The addition of a new full colour logo that has a similar shape to our original Mobius loop style was also a key consideration. The addition of lots of colour reflects the fact that we are a colour printer, whilst the circular shape indicates an encompassing service and still retains a nod to the Mobius loop through the style of the connected links.
We hope that you like the new branding and please feel free to add your feedback by commenting! 

Owner of A Local Printer with a love of eco-printing, cupcakes and rooting through the paper bins for exciting samples.

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We give you more digital for your dough

Monday, 15 September 2014 17:31:00 Europe/London

Getting more digital for your dough

Here’s something I don’t blow our trumpet about enough. For those of you ordering a product that will be digitally printed we give you the option of printing up to 5 designs for the same price. Nothing extra added. No sneaky additional costs. No toys out of the pram. Simply upload all your artwork when you place the order and we will take it from there.  
Our Small Order Printing is so efficient that it makes perfect sense to us that our customers should get the benefit of being able to order more than one sort. I wonder why no other printer does the same? Actually, by being the only online printer with this rather special printing offer makes us unique.
multiple sortsAll of the products that this unique offer relates to will be identified by one of our new ‘hot spot’ images; postcards, flyer printing, leaflet printing, notebooks, greeting cards and certain posters are all eligible. So have fun and get creative, after all, the more the merrier!
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Work Experience - a week at ALP

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 15:07:00 Europe/London

Work Experience - a week at ALP

It’s been an exciting week here in the studio at A Local Printer, as a promising young student has joined us as part of her work experience.
Charlotte has had a crash course in the various software we use in the studio. After quickly picking up the software Charlotte has been busy putting her newfound knowledge to the test by designing flyers, album covers, logos and has even done a bit of rebranding!

We are all really impressed how far Charlotte has come along so quickly (but I am also a little concerned she may be after my job!)

When asked about her week at A Local Printer Charlotte says, “I really enjoyed my time here, everyone was so lovely and easy to get along with. It was fun learning and using all the different software as well as interesting to see what work Henry, Andy and Nick get up to. Therefore after this experience, I would like to think of Graphic Design as a potential future career for me.”

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Boxing Clever! Packaging from A Local Printer

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 16:39:00 Europe/London

Boxing Clever! Packaging from A Local PrinterOur website has over 25 Product Categories and within each category there is generally more than one product to select from.  And on top of all that we are also a bespoke printer, printing a massive range of various products each day. One of our key bespoke products is packaging, such as these boxes we printed for a cosmetics company. 

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