Christmas CatSelling your own greeting cards must be one of the most satisfying ways of making some extra cash to splash at Christmas. Greeting card printing is popular all year round, but at this time of year the take up rate goes sky high!  There are so many different routes available to market and sell your cards too; via online shops for those of you who are very organised, at school fetes, church and town fairs for others.  And let's not forget that boot fairs and local shops and businesses are also good avenues to pursue.

Designing your own cards is simple and fun

If we take greeting card design in its simplest format all you need is a great photo and some words. When do we send most cards? Christmas. For your own use the quickest and easiest route to a personalised card is a lovely personal photograph of family or something that has meaning to you and your friends and family. For an easy entry in to the retail arena a snow scene or festive setting will get you more than half way there. If you don’t have the technical savvy to add a message to the front of the card (ask yourself first if it really needs one, it might be obvious what it is all about) just supply the words and ask your greeting card printer to sort it out for you.  Most will do this for a small charge.

Christmas cards on Stonemarque

Take the interest level up in one simple step

When considering your greeting card printing think about the way that texture can play a role in your design and the attraction of the finished item. Most people expect greeting cards to feel smooth in the hand, but with our range of textured boards your cards can now look and feel appealing. Organic Straw, Nettuno felt marked lines and hammered Stonemarque are available to order via our website, plus there is the opportunity to see your design printed on any of our papers by using our printed sample service. Genius.

ALP makes Christmas Card Printing Affordable

Our greeting card printing is available to order online in DL, 120mm Square, A6 and A5 sizes, plus many bespoke sizes if you contact us using our online custom quote form.  Generally, we digitally print our greeting cards as it allows us the opportunity to give you more bang for your buck, with up to five designs printed for the same online price! And if that doesn’t’ quite cut it you may order up to 25 different design via our website.  Our standard size cards are all supplied with envelopes to make for a total package. We print from as few as 25 cards and as good value goes this is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe in the water and to see which cards your customers prefer.

If you are thinking about greeting card printing at Christmas or any time of the year we will be happy to walk you through from concept to completion.

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