Presentation Folder Printing artwork tipsPicture the scene. You’re visiting a new and potentially very important client to give a sales pitch, and are juggling what feels like a mountain of paperwork as you struggle through the door – from business cards to leaflets and data sheets. 

Sound familiar? Using a bespoke printed presentation folder can make all the difference. A4 printed folders mean you can keep everything together when you’re travelling to your prospective client, so that, before you shake hands and leave, you can hand over a professional looking presentation folder full of your branded marketing literature.

Use the power of design to make your presentation folder stand out

Don't fall in to the trap of thinking a presentation folder will be corporate and dull. Good graphic design can make your folders eye-catching, unique and memorable - meaning they are ideal brand promotion tools with an at-a-glance insight into everything your organisation does. Choose double-sided presentation folders to increase the available space still further and use it fully to your advantage.
 Presentation Folder Printing

Choose A Local Printer for your Presentation Folder Printing

If you’re looking for printers to work with on your folder printing, see what A Local Printer has to offer before you do anything else. We offer UK-wide deliverywhich makes up right up your street.