Greeting Card Printing thank youBeing mindful and showing appreciation is (rightly) gathering momentum.  Gratitude marketing is also key in showing your customers that they and their business is appreciated. Demonstrating gratitude creates that warm fuzzy feeling, which in turn can humanise your brand and increase connectivity. So, what is a really good way to show your appreciation?

Aim for the Heart, not the Wallet

A handwritten note is the ultimate way to build customer loyalty and strengthen the relationship. A genuine ‘thank-you’ card is often a pleasant surprise which demonstrates that a customer is an individual, not a number. We’ve seen some brilliant thank-you cards which are printed in such a way that they look authentically handwritten – which is not always possible when you are dealing with large numbers!

Adding a printed greeting card to each order or invoice is also a perfect platform for promoting your business. Use it as an opportunity to showcase new products or services, add a special offer to encourage repeat business or include a fun snippet about your business to create inclusivity.

Thank You Cards

Greeting Card Printing

The simplest route to a personalised card is to use a really good photograph, and hey presto! and you are half way there. If you don’t feel confident about adding a message to the card simply supply the words and ask your greeting card printer to sort it out for you. Most will do this for a minimum charge, or even free.

When it comes to greeting card printing we have a growing range to choose from. Lots of sizes and different materials plus our unique multiple sorts option which enables you to print up to five versions for the same price as one. So have a browse and get ready to share the love.

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