Eco-packaging from A Local PrinterAny business, no matter the size, has a responsibility to find the right packaging for its products. With a strong customer driven focus to move away from plastics, excess packaging and costly materials, eco-friendly packaging is rightly becoming the packaging of choice.

Leading the way on adopting eco-packaging are the small businesses and we are here to help make that process as easy as possible.

Why Eco-friendly Packaging is the Right Choice

  • Our eco packaging products are made from 100% recycled material or from pulp from sustainable sources. They are printed on digital presses which means almost negligible waste and using eco-friendly toners which do no harm to the environment. It means that we can print many different versions of your packaging with little additional cost financially and no additional impact on the environment. We hope this helps you to focus not only on your financial goals but your environmental goals as well.
  • All of our packaging products can enter the waste stream safe in the knowledge that it is totally recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Every piece of ‘make-ready’ packaging that we generate is collected on a weekly basis and sent to be recycled again.
  • Eco-friendly packaging is suitable for any product that currently uses cardboard wrapping. There is nothing that eco-packaging can’t do that traditional board-based packaging can!
  • Where possible, consider a move away from plastics to paper-based packaging. Sometimes all that is required is to think outside the box to find a suitable alternative!
  • Using recycled papers for your packaging generates an improved brand image and a positive reflection on your company. So you get extra benefit from doing something that you believe in and support!

Eco-packaging pillow boxes

Go Green with your Packaging and Close the Circle

There is a real demand and desire to see a reduction in the use of plastics, products that are difficult to recycle and waste in general. The move towards greener packaging is being championed by small businesses and generating a ground swell of support that major companies are going to have to look at and engage with – or lose customers. There is no doubt, embracing environmentally sensitive principles and supporting them with eco-friendly choices will be the only way forward.
Eco-friendly soap box packaging
The products on our website are only the tip of the iceberg and suitbale for general packaging requirements - but we do so much more! Contact us for information and prices on bespoke packaging ranging from freezer proof boxes, die-cut sleeves and cardboard engineering.

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