Singer Sewn Notebooks from A Local PrinterFor those of us old enough to remember, a hand operated Singer sewing machine was generally employed to fashion school uniforms, soft furnishings and various other items of clothing that would probably make your hair curl. 

These days however the Singer sewing machine is enjoying a new and alternative lease of life in print finishing. Yes, the Singer Sewn Notebook has finally arrived.

Our new range of Singer Notebooks come with bespoke printed or plain coloured covers, allowing you to add stamping, embossing or your own embellishments. Actually hand sewn, the standard two stitching colours are black and white but you can browse a whole host of coloured threads for your binding. Choose a specific colour for your notebook that either complements or contrasts with your covers.

Coloured covers, contrasting stitching


Recognisable by its stitched spine this notebook delivers a lay flat opening and a stylish retro appeal.  It is a simple but stylish way of finishing your notebook with a binding that forms part of the design.

Owner of A Local Printer with a love of eco-printing, rooting through the paper bins and pestering the printers for exciting samples.