killer design flyer printingAn attractive design for your marketing goes a long way to inviting attention and has the ability to turn the recipient from a prospect to a customer. Getting your design right cannot be emphasised enough; time taken at this stage will pay dividends, so be prepared not to rush headlong in to the design stage but take a structured view on what you want to achieve, any call to action and how best to present this out in a structured and appealing manner. If in doubt use the experience of your printing company to offer advice, assistance or even a full design service for your flyer printing.

A flyer printing promotion benefits from being the sole purpose of the marketing, keeping you firmly in the driving seat in terms of content and style with no distractions.

1. Use your eye-catching design to trigger the initial interest and then ensure that the content has your customer firmly on the hook. Don’t be tempted to waffle and add lots of content, it simply won’t wash with the reader and can be an active turn-off! 

2. Refine your message; keep it persuasive and convincing with a structure that follows a prescribed path from initial interest to call to action. Use the opinions of your colleagues, friends and family to ensure that the message is clear and use their feedback to perfect your flyer design.

Breathe life into your Flyer Printing

3. So as far as you are concerned your flyer is ready to hit the streets and do its job. But wait a moment. Before you hit the ‘go’ button have you considered the use of colour? It is proven that colour is emotive and colour sells. It is also the same price to print as black and white so what are you waiting for?!

creative flyer printing

Carefully constructed and targeted flyer printing can be a value for money promotional proposition. It has advantages over online promotions and is often more likely to be read than a fleeting advertising pop-up on a computer screen. They are tactile, highly visible and easily portable in a bag or pocket.

Finally, consider using your award winning flyer printing design as part of your social media content, either in its entirety or ‘cherry picked’ key elements that will sit perfectly on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all the other social media platforms. If you publish it, they will come!

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