Presentation Folder printed by A Local PrinterConsidering that a presentation folder is a key tool in your marketing portfolio they don’t get as much love and attention as they should. All of the effort goes on designing the items that go in to the folder, leaving the folder itself as an afterthought. Poor folder! If you rely upon your sales and marketing material to garner new leads and business, then ensuring that your folder is inspiring, noteworthy and attractive will guarantee that the documents inside are looked at. It is like the doorstep challenge when you are selling your house – if it looks unloved on the outside then you lose crucial curb side appeal!

The presentation folder is a product that allows you to have a little fun. It is constructed of a heavy board so is the ideal vehicle for adding UV or foil accents for added interest. (Adding spot UV to uncoated boards does not result in the finish that you expect as the UV ink is absorbed in to the board. However, a great alternative is clear foil blocking which delivers a very similar result to that of UV ink on coated board.) You can also die cut the pockets and covers to interesting shapes for some additional interest and impact. Keep the corporate colours the same as your inserts for a fully cohesive suite of printing, and don’t make the classic mistake of omitting your contact details! If your folder is going to be die-cut with a bespoke die it is worth having business card slots incorporated in to the pocket. You may not want to use a business card in its true format, but perhaps include a voucher, a card with numbers for the service centre or a small marketing card just for a bit of humour.

Bespoke Presentation Folder Printing 

Up the ante with your Presentation Folders

Our standard presentation folder printing is on heavy Silk, Gloss or Recycled board but there are plenty of other materials available that might pique your interest.  Some of the new textured boards available, such as Linen for example, work brilliantly well with a single colour and a ‘less is more’ approach. For this type of material it is the paper that is the star attraction, not the design. If something along these lines sounds appealing we can sort out some bespoke prices for you if you contact us via email in the first instance. 

So the upshot is to give as much attention to the design of your presentation folders as to the items that it will contain and nail that ‘curb side appeal’ straight off!

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