print postcards with A Local PrinterGetting the best from your postcard marketing hinges on the content and design, so not to be taken lightly! For truly a truly effective postcard campaign there are a few critical elements that you need to get nailed on straight away – and this is where a little planning comes in to play. Perhaps the best tip before embarking upon any designing is to think like your customer. What terminology do they recognise and understand, what would inspire them as a call to action, what type of offer would be best received? Get all of this right and the rest should be a piece of cake. Read on for our print postcard pointers! 

Write a killer headline that drives the message home. Think punchy, interesting and attention grabbing. Quicksprout have some fantastic tips on writing headlines – a must for anyone embarking upon a customer driven promotion. 

Engage with KISS for results. The acronym ‘keep it simple stupid’ is just a directive to keep your message uncomplicated and concise – not a statement about your customers! 

 Catch the eye and get the customer. This is your chance to big up your postcards performance with the best, colourful picture you can muster. If you print postcards with a glorious picture it will last much longer with your customer and maybe even adorn that famous hall of fame – the fridge door. 

Make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse.  Really, we all do it. Bump our order up a bit to get the freebie or buy something because it is half price. At the end of the day it is half the fun of shopping and we all love getting something for not as much as we expected! And for the postcard printing promotion this is always going to be the winning deal. 

Calling all customers! An offer is not always what a promotion is about – it may be to drive customers to your shop or website. Make sure it is crystal clear what the next step is and what the benefit to them will be. 

printed postcards from A Local Printer

Why you should Print Postcards

With the right design postcards are without a doubt the most effective printed marketing tool. It is a proven fact that the postcard is retained for longer than any other piece of direct mail marketing and this alone makes it a crucial element in the promotions tool box. With a little time and effort in getting the design spot on you will be happily impressed with your marketing results. So next time your want to reach out to your customers think, print postcards.

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