Christmas Printed BrochureAt Christmas time all thoughts turn towards making special purchases – whether it is festive food, perfect presents or dazzling decorations. And whilst we are spending more time browsing online seeking those objects of desire it really is very nice, and often easier, to flick, ruminate and ponder over an assortment of enticing Christmas brochures. 

Christmas is a competitive business, and using a beautifully designed and printed brochure is a sure fire way to engage with your customers. As with all printing, there are a few tricks that you can employ to ensure your festive brochure stands out from the others. 

Consider your use of colour. Whilst this is the season of all things jolly and bright a cohesive and complimentary colour scheme will be more pleasing to the eye. Careful use of colour can evoke lots of different emotions - nostalgia, serenity, fun and luxurious. Be sure to incorporate plenty of white space in to your design – not only is it a perfect background for gold, silver and red it also enables the reader to see descriptions and supporting information clearly. 

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Find the dream theme for your printed brochures

Including a recurring theme can bring cohesion to your printed brochures, especially if you have lots of diverse products to promote. Your theme could be a range of simple colours, a strapline or festive images that work to link varied product ranges together. 

Lay out your brochure in a clear manner that allows the reader to see your lovely images and also a full description. There is nothing more frustrating that spotting just the item you have been looking for only to find that the information about it is hidden in very small print at the bottom of the page. Magazine designers take note please! 

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Don’t be tempted to forget your own identity when you are designing your Christmas brochure. Rather than leap headfirst in to a themed brochure that looks lovely but has no corporate identity, create a hybrid of Christmas and brand by using your corporate colours in identifiable seasonal shapes like stars and snowflakes. 

Whatever you are selling or promoting at any time of the year we are here to help with your brochure printing. From full design to advice on materials we are here to ensure your brochure is an all round winner. 

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