Reuse Business Card BoxFirst up it must be noted that the plastic business card boxes we use are recyclable and made from reusable polypropylene. Secondly, the reason we use plastic business card boxes and not cardboard ones is because it is the only way we can guarantee the integrity of the contents. Cardboard boxes are just not up the handling they get either in the mail system or in the (sometimes not very careful!) hands of the couriers. So you have a small, sturdy plastic box left over. What can you do with it? We’ve come up with a few different uses that may give a new life to your old box.

A couple of easy options to start with that entail nothing more than a few ideas of different things you can put in your box to create a new ‘product’.

Travel First Aid Kit
A business card box is just the right size for creating a mini first aid kit. Pop in some sticky plasters of different sizes, some alcohol wipes and a small tube of antiseptic for a neat little kit. Make it official with two strips of red tape on the lid for the first aid logo.

Mini Sewing Kit
Similar to above, a mini sewing kit is great if you ever need to make repairs on the move. You can buy small cotton reels in the colours you will need most, a pack of needles and pins, safety pins and small scissors and there you have it. If you want to be very organised pop in a few buttons as well for those pesky garments that always seem to lose one!

Bits and Bobs Holder
The easiest way to reuse your business card box! Every time you come across one of ‘those things’ that you can’t think why you should keep it but know you must, this is the ideal place to put them. Get technical and sort your paperclips, screws, nails and rawlplugs by shape and size. Added bonus, you can see what you’ve put in the box without removing the lid. Sorted!

Travel Soap Dish
Conceded, you will not get a big chunky bar of soap in one of these, but you will easily get one of those small travel bars (like they kindly leave in hotel bathrooms). With the close-fitting lid this box is going to be a useful addition to your holiday packing.

Mini Seed Pots
Get a swap fest going on with friends and family and share out the seeds for easy grow kitchen herbs. With a flat base and waterproof material, you can line your boxes up on a windowsill and watch them grow!

Small Freezer Box
Polypropylene is food safe. Keep your stash of boxes on hand for when you have small amounts/items to freeze. Stack them up and save on space too.

Snack Box
Just the right size as a snack box for healthy treats like nuts and dried fruit. Or for an unhealthy treat line it with pretty tissue paper and pop in a few choccies for your loved one. I like this idea – hubby take note!

Craft Organisers
Fill them up with sequins, rik-rak tape, pots of glitter, beads, washi tape etc and find everything you need in a hurry. The tight-fitting lid will keep everything inside the box rather than on the floor!

Jewellery Box
As it stands, an old business card container might not tick all the boxes for a nice jewellery box. However, a session with the scissors, glue, paper or fabric can make all the difference. Perfect for keeping earrings safe.

Gift Tags Holder
Stop your gift tags from getting in a tangle by storing them in a reused business card box. It is the perfect size after all!

These are just a few ideas that I came up with for this blog but I would love to hear what you use them for.

Owner of A Local Printer with a love of eco-printing, rooting through the paper bins and pestering the printers for exciting samples.