Banner Printing for EventsThe sun is shining and the weather is sweet…

When the sun finally makes an appearance our thoughts automatically turn to outdoor events. Whether it is a gathering of friends and family for a party or BBQ or something a little more ambitious along the lines of a music festival or village fete there are a few key points to get right and ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons!

Making the Space Your Own

First impressions are everything! Make sure you space looks stunning but remember to include practical touches too. Signage is key but often a last-minute consideration. Do your guests know where to loos are for example? Boring but important. A banner outside your venue helps people find you easily and A-boards or posters can direct you to parking. Signage can also be used to good effect to emphasise a theme or flavour for your event. If you fancy making it an annual event why not invest in a banner that you can use every year – just keep the artwork generic (ie no specific dates included) and it can be used time and again.

Talking Points

There is nothing worse than spending time and money in organising an event to find that the guests are reluctant to let their hair down and get involved. It’s just the way we are built! Make it easy for conversation to flow by adding talking points to your venue. Some table talkers or posters featuring games or quirky images give guests the excuse they need to talk to a stranger!

Embrace Eco-Printing for Marketing your Event

Parties, fetes and festivals are well known for generating lots of waste. As far as possible head down the eco route with recyclable or reusable products and minimise what enters the waste stream. Send left over food home with the guests rather than feel obliged to bin it. Use paper products rather than plastic and opt for eco-printed invitations, leaflets and flyers. You can even get eco-printed bunting for when you want to hang the flags out!

Promote your event with eco-printing

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