Carbon Capture LogoClimate change is a serious problem and it is not going to go away unless we all take steps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gasses) released from the burning of fossil fuels. Going totally carbon neutral would be almost impossible to achieve, but seeking out and using carbon neutral products is a great way to start.  

What is Carbon Neutral Paper?

A carbon neutral paper means the carbon impact of its production and distribution is measured by the manufacturer to determine its entire carbon footprint, ie: how much greenhouse gas is produced by fossil fuels used for electricity, manufacturing and transportation. The purpose is to offset all these carbon emissions to zero through the purchase of carbon credits, by planting new trees or buying land to preserve established woodland. There are many companies that offer carbon offsetting. In terms of the paper we use in our business the amount of carbon offsetting required is calculated by the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity.

Why A Local Printer loves Carbon Neutral Paper

As an eco-friendly printing company our focus has always been on ensuring that our products, and our business, is as green as possible. Using carbon neutral paper is just one of the steps we take every day to uphold our position as an eco printer.

Taking steps to go carbon neutral is something that we can all aspire to. Kick start your journey to carbon neutrality with carbon offset paper and eco-friendly printing – a perfect pairing.

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