Meet the team at A Local Printer

The guys and gals who make it all work beautifully

Ok, so what should proceed is page full of the friendly faces that beaver away behind the scenes. Ummmm... I approached various members of the team with my digital camera and it would appear that most are a little camera shy: the print department were very dusty, Henry needed a few hours in makeup and Andy has been here so long that he's fed up with 'mug shots'

I immediately threw in the towel and opted for a more colourful [and far more relevant] way to introduce the team. What follows are the team's favourite Pantone Colours. Colour has a lot of meaning: you can tell a lot about a person by the colour they choose – there's more on colour meaning and the impacts on your flyer and leaflet designs here.

What I've learnt is we're a colourful bunch [pun intended] and all very much in the right job! Hurrah!


Management team

Miranda Barnett
Company Director

Miranda has many years experience of print marketing and business development with major national print companies. If she is fortunate enough to have any spare time her preferences include travel, holidays, plenty of those clever little mini-breaks, fine wine and gastronomic experiences!



Nick Brine
Studio Manager

Nick has over 30 years print experience and has the demanding task of sorting out all the jobs that are approved for print and turning them in to printing plates. Without Nick we would pretty much come to a standstill. Nick's also gets fully involved in creative design and is also responsible for ensuring all your orders are proofed pronto! When not a work you'll find him on the golf course practising his swing.

Andrew Simon
Marketing and Customer Relationship Manager

Andy wears many hats and brings over 15 years of print and graphic design experience. When he's not helping our customers with their design queries you'll find him managing the website and developing and promoting If [!] something goes wrong with your order he's the one that will get it put right for you. He Loves a good curry, socialising with chums and is also training for Tough Mudder and the Brighton Marathon in 2017! Gosh.

Tim Wilkins
Finishing and Warehouse Manager

Tim's printing knowledge is impressive. Dozens of years spent fine-tuning his skills in print, finishing and warehouse management. Tim's ultimately responsible for getting all your orders out the door and on time. Tim enjoys nothing more than long runs, doing up his Camper and keeping fit by playing football.


Colin Bunce
Finance Manager

Who knows what goes on in a Finance department! One thing's for sure if you do end up talking with Colin he's probably asking (politely) for money or paying your bill. He is somewhat indispensable to the business... all part of running one of the UK's best and first online print companies.



Customer Services and Sales

Jane Evans
Customer services

The voice on the 'phone, Jane takes the majority of calls that come in to the office, manages all of the website orders, sorts out the payment process and deals with your delivery enquiries. With two children at home there is very little that fazes her!


Jeff Morris
Customer Service and Sales

Jeff has spent the last quarter of a century working at A Local Printer in all of its various guises. Fully conversant in pre-press and the studio Jeff has helped develop alocalprinter into the company it is today. Other than playing football Jeff likes nothing more than indulging his past time of dangerous sports, including skydiving and off-piste skiing. Thanks Jeff.





Creative studio

Henry Barnett
Designer and Illustrator

Henry joined us in 2012 with a degree in Fine Art to his name. Impressive stuff! Since then he's become an integral part of the studio. There's nothing we can't throw at him (within reason!) he's now fully conversant in all the leading design applications which is handy if you need our design services. In Henry's words: "If there was a customer service award he would win it... just check out my reviews on TrustPilot." : ) Cheers Henners!




Print team

Ben Kemp
Press Minder

'Benny' is one of our highly skilled B2/B3 press operators responsible for processing many of the website and bespoke orders – now you know who to thank for a good print job! When he's not printing he's cycling and playing football.



Roger Gunnell
Press Minder

Roger's new to the team and runs our B2 press. His surname bears no relation to the Olympic athlete, Sally Gunnell, but his printing is pretty quick. I've also heard he knows his way around a reprographics studio which might come in handy. Roger's settling in nicely, however, it does appear he's stopped making the tea 'en-masse'. Still, it was good while it lasted.



Andy Fielder
Press and Senior Machine Minder

Andy has been with the company for a jaw dropping 35+ years. In addition to machine minding Andy can run all our finishing equipment as well! Andy spends whatever spare time he has coarse fishing - his best catch to date is a 2.5lb roach caught in the local River Arun (doesn't sound like a big deal but apparently it is!). 




Print finishers

Steve Vandapeer
Print Finisher and Machine Minder

Steve is responsible for pulling all of the printed sheets in to finished jobs - with folding, stitching and guillotining he is kept very busy all day finalising your finished product



Print Finisher and Machine Minder

'Stu' is also responsible for turning beautifully printed sheets of paper in to finished jobs - with drilling, creasing and cross-folding being some of his many duties he is also kept busy.




Tasked with some of the most demanding finishing jobs on the planet she is also described as having the most dextrous fingers in West Sussex. If you need something bagged, tagged, hand-folded, strung, cornered, glued or taped she's your girl. She's not scared of a long day. You also know she's happy in her work as you can hear her laughing a mile off.




Another newbie! Beverly replaces Kamila (maternity leave). Previously working nights we're pleased to remind her of what daylight looks like. Warning! Bev' knows her way around a guillotine which either a good or bad thing depending on what way you look at it! We like the fact she's fitted in nicely.