Green Printing Policy

A Local Printer Green Printing Policy

We launched our online printing website in 2006 with the sole intention of providing affordable and certified green printing solutions. We continue to care passionately about the environment and to improve and increase our eco products and services.

ISO14001 Certified

We are an ISO14001 certified printer. This international standard specifies the actual requirements for an effective Environmental Management System. It applies to those environmental aspects over which the organisation has control and can be expected to have an influence.

Simply put this means that we are one of the limited number of printers in the UK that has put its money where its mouth is, and is annually certified as doing its very best for the environment. 

ALP Green Printing Policy Statement:


  • All paper, board and packaging must meet our stringent environmental specifications 
  • We only use paper from sustainable managed forests, 100% Recycled Paper or paper containing an element of recycled fibre.

Reduce or Remove the use of Chemicals

  • We use an inert water based protective coating on many of our products which is an eco-friendly alternative to polymer based coatings, "litho seal" and plastic laminates.
  • We run IPA - isopropyl alcohol - free on our litho printing presses.
  • Our inks are vegetable oil based - specifically soy oil - as opposed to mineral oil.
  • The removal of IPA alcohol and use of vegetable ink has virtually eliminated our emissions of VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds - into the atmosphere. These VOC's are a major source of ozone pollution and are a potential a health hazard to our staff.
  • We promote full colour printing which uses significantly less chemicals, solvents and paper in job setup and press cleaning than traditional one or two colour printing.
  • We offer quality Digital Print solutions specifically for short-runs.
  • All of our printing plates are produced 'chemistry free' and fully recyclable.

Providing a Longer Lasting Product

Our full colour litho printing presses are equipped with special coating units that apply an eco friendly water based protective sealant to the paper as part of the printing process. This coating extends the life of the product, enhances the look and feel of the finished product and also protects against scuffing, marking and the odd coffee spill! Please note this coating is not applied to uncoated paper stocks such as letterheads.

Unlike laminated finishes, which are a plastic film, these coatings are fully biodegradable and recyclable, so very environmentally friendly.

Reduce and Recycle Waste

  • We have reduced our unavoidable production waste of paper and chemicals by up to 85% and continue to seek ways to further reduce such waste.
  • We segregate, re-use and recycle all of the paper waste produced in the course of printing.
  • Waste paper and used aluminium printing plates are collected for recycling, as are all of our spent chemicals.
  • All our spent toner is returned for recycling using the Ricoh Eco Box scheme.

Legislation Compliance

  • We are fully compliant with the Hazardous Waste Act 2005 and waste is segregated and collected for recycling by licensed contractors.
  • We are assessed annually by independent auditors to ensure we conform legally and continue to improve as a requirement of our ISO14001 certification.

Energy Consumption

  • Our Ryobi press base consumes 50% less electricity than popular competing machines - to put this into perspective this equates to a monetary saving of over £5.00 per hour!
  • Equipment is chosen to be more efficient - faster setup and running speeds ensure more output per Kw of electricity used. 

Removing Quality Barriers

  • We have eliminated the quality barriers that previously discouraged customers from adopting the use of recycled paper and eco-friendly materials.
  • The vegetable oil based inks used on our printing presses deliver an increase in print quality over conventional mineral oil based inks.
  • Investment in the latest and most efficient equipment delivers a higher quality of printed product than the industry average.


  • We assist our customers in making the best choice if they require an alternative to our standard products but still want their print to be as green as possible.


  • Environmental issues remain at the forefront of our decision making - we are committed to the environment and do our very best at all times to deliver truly eco-friendly green printing services.

Environmental Statement