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We all enjoy a bit of digital marketing but leaflet printing still plays a significant role in all manner of publicising and promotional activity and are number one ‘top of the pops’ for information sharing.

Leaflets enjoy great versatility in terms of space for design; a simple single sided leaflet or 24 pages folded leaflet gives you a whole heap of choice in deciding how much you want to share with your customers and how best to achieve it. 

With a range of attractive eco-friendly materials, different folds and sizes our leaflet printing services give you heaps of options to reach your audience. Zip through to the foot of this page for some top tips on design and insider information on getting the best from your leaflet.

  1. Printed Leaflets

    Leaflet Printing

    Find our range of flat and standard 4 and 6 page folded leaflet printing here.

    Our Recycled Leaflets are the real deal for a truly organic, eco or retro look and feel.  This type of uncoated material is also referred to as 'matt' as the paper has no surface sheen. Printed using vegetable oil-based inks this option ticks every box for eco-friendly leaflet printing.

    Head for gorgeous Gloss and Silk Leaflet printing if something with a healthy dollop of pizazz is required. Ideal for menu printing, marketing and promotions or folded to create eye-catching newsletters and mini-brochures. With a silky-smooth finish these leaflets have a top dollar feel that is sure to impress.  

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  2. Folded Leaflet Printing

    4 and 6 Page Folded Leaflets

    If you need some folded leaflets then we have the product to suit you. From 4 to 6 pages our Standard Folded Leaflets come in finished sizes of DL (like a compliment slip), A5 and A6. All of those extra panels give you lots more space for your marketing, information or promotions. Choose from uncoated, silk or gloss papers.

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  3. Quick print leaflet printing

    Small Order Printed Leaflets

    Print a small quantity of leaflets from as few as 25 up to 1000 copies with a comprehensive range of flat or folded sizes printed on smooth silk, eco kraft or 100% recycled papers. Printed on our digital presses using eco toners, these leaflets are quickly printed, in the box and out the door - that's our promise.

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  4. Kraft Leaflet Printing

    Kraft Leaflets

    Our eco-printed kraft leaflets are the ones that are going to stand out a mile! Printed in full colour on thick 170gsm eco kraft paper these have the power to stand out from the crowd with a pleasing look and feel. Great for emphasizing organic or natural elements, kraft papers make fabulous eco menus for farm shops and cafes. Let the power of kraft boost your marketing and promotions - who can resist such a handsome creature!

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  5. Cross folded printed leaflet

    Cross / Map Folded Leaflets

    Cross Folded leaflets, also known as Map Folded, are the big daddy of the folded leaflet range. Perfect for event and concert guides, festivals and product information sheets. We have a complete range of cross folded sizes printed on a choice of materials and ranging from 8 pages to 24 pages. Come on - that should be enough for most people!

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  6. Concertina Leaflet Printing

    Concertina / Zig-Zag Leaflets

    Our Concertina (zig-zag) Leaflet Printing is available in finished sizes of A5, A6 or DL with 8 to 12 printed panels waiting to be filled with your lovely images and text. You can choose from premium Gloss, Silk or 100% Recycled material for the leaflet that suits you best. All printed with eco-friendly inks on paper from sustainable sources.

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  7. Black Printed Leaflets

    Black Printed Leaflets - up to 25,000

    Our black printed leaflets help your budget go further by taking out the cost for colour print. Litho printed with vegetable oil based inks in quantities from 2500 up to 25,000. The more you order the better the unit cost!  Create your design in black or greyscale for a groovy marketing, informative or promotional leaflet available in a comprehensive range of flat or folded sizes, printed on smooth silk or 100% recycled papers.

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  8. Black print leaflets

    Small Order Black Only Leaflets

    Why pay for colour if it's not in your design? Our black only printed leaflets pass the cost savings on to you. A carefully crafted design in black or greyscale has as much power as a colour leaflet and sometimes more! Ideal for a mailing, instruction leaflet or marketing tool from as few as 25 up to 1000 copies with a comprehensive range of flat or folded sizes printed on smooth silk or 100% recycled papers.

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  9. Black print on kraft board

    Black Print Kraft Leaflets

    Black printing on natural brown kraft leaflets makes a very bold marketing product. The single colour black stands out cleanly against the paper but remains in harmony with the colour of the kraft. We litho print these black print only leaflets with vegetable oil based inks on 170gsm paper for a product that is as eco-friendly as it is stunning.

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  10. Budget Leaflets

    Budget Leaflets Printing

    For Budget Priced Leaflet Printing without a budget look or feel. Choose from our 130gsm Glossy print or 100gsm Recycled paper, either one will be right up your street. Printed with eco-friendly inks on paper from sustainable sources this lovely product comes in a range of flat and folded sizes from A6 to A4 and everything in between!

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There is lots to say about how to get the best from your leaflets - so much that we felt it warranted a separate page to help with the decision making process. We have a fact filled page that you can jump to for more information about them and what makes them a great product!

Low Prices from A Local Printer

Consistently Low Prices

At A Local Printer we don't subscribe to the 'furniture warehouse' school of printing. Our prices start low and stay low - and when we have a promotion code available you can be sure you are getting a genuine reduction. If we inflated our prices we could easily offer 50% off on a regular basis, but we don't work like that. We want our customers to be sure that whenever they come to our website the price will be the same as their last visit. Consistency may be boring, but it saves you money!


Design services from A Local Printer

Need Design for your Printed Leaflets?

Starting from scratch? We have a team of designers ready to take your instructions for your design and offer a bespoke print and design package to ensure you have professional artwork to help you achieve the best results. Take advantage by selecting Add Design from 'Build Your 'Order on the product pages for instant design prices.

Once we have done our magic and the design is approved it is yours to do whatever you want and can be used time and again. We will need you to help us out with your design requirements - having something in mind before we begin will give us something to work with.

If you are supplying print-ready artwork it can be uploaded when you place your order or sent later to studio@alp-group.co.uk – the choice is yours.


Tips on effective leaflet design

A Few Tips for Effective Design

- Grab your audience with a full-on headline. Ensure it includes all your key points and use emotive language - Special, Limited, Reduced, Offer, Exclusive etc.
- Less is more. Keep your text to short, easy chunk paragraphs and don't overwhelm the reader.
- Pictures keep attention and increase interest and desire. Make sure your images are high resolution - don't pinch pics from the internet because they just won't work very well!
- Keep it Handy Harry. Make sure your artwork is for a standard size leaflet that people can pocket.
- Give a little - a promotion or incentive will increase your returns.
- Check and check again. Proof ready everything at least twice and get another proof reader involved too. Bad grammar and wrong spelling is a massive turn-off and can damage your promotion.


Our eco printing of leaflets

Eco Friendly Printing for the UK

Our printing services conform to the very highest environmental ISO Quality and Environmental standards. Whether environmental concerns are your top priority, or you just want an authentic organic look, our 100% recycled leaflets are the best option. If you want more vibrant colour go for 150gsm gloss or silk printing - all printed on sustainably sourced materials using vegetable oil based inks.


Other products that complement leaflets

Companion Products

Why not have a browse through some other products that go hand-in-hand with leaflets and can work in harmony to make the effectiveness of your printing even better.

Flyer Printing - an obvious choice really! You can add some flyers to the mix for a quick hit of information or as a tasty teaser for the promotion you are running. Use your flyer to create interest and your leaflets to support and endorse your products or services in greater detail.

Posters - the ultimate in eye-catching attention seekers! A few carefully position posters will act as the attention grabber and your leaflet will finish off the deal.

Business Cards - have a handful of business cards at the ready or even attached to your leaflet. They act as a quick reminder of you and ensures instant access to your contact details. 

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