Earn Loyalty Points from A Local Printer

Earn Loyalty Points with A Local Printer

As a nation we love collecting loyalty points, and as far as we are concerned what a great way to thank our customers for their business!

Our loyalty points are based upon 1 point per pound spent, excluding VAT, which is rounded up or down accordingly. Earn 500 points and get £10.00 off, to redeem online whenever you want. We can't say fairer than that!

Watch your points build up from your orders in My Account.

What is the ALP Loyalty Programme?

Awarding loyalty points is our way of thanking you for your business. The more you spend, the more points you earn towards money off your orders. There is no limit on earning loyalty points and once you reach the magic 500 you will automatically be given the opportunity to redeem them for a £10.00 discount on any future order.

How do I join?

You don’t need to do anything to join other than place and pay for an order. Loyalty points are immediately added to your account.

How are loyalty points earned?

For every £1 you spend on products ordered through our website you earn 1 point (this does not include VAT or delivery costs). Points are only earned through online orders, not through jobs that are manually booked in by us on your behalf. 

How do I know how many loyalty points I have?

Your loyalty points are shown in My Account. Clicking on Loyalty Points in your account will show you exactly how many points you have and a breakdown of how they have been earned.

How do I spend my loyalty points?

You can use your loyalty points up to a maximum of 50% of the cost of the item in your basket. If you have more points available it will automatically default to 50%. You can choose to spend some or all of your points and can manually enter the number of points you wish to use. 

Do I need to pay VAT when I use my loyalty points?

When you use your loyalty points on a purchase that is liable for VAT the value of the points is deducted from price of the product. VAT is then calculated on the price of the product less the loyalty point price reduction.