Swing Tags Printing

Swing Tags Printing

Swing tags have many more uses than just wrapping paper accessories! In addition to being used in the retail arena they also play a key role as quality performance tags, inspection tags, service tags and quarantine tags. Contact us for more information or prices on different types of swing tag printing.

  1. Neon swing tag printing

    Neon Swing Tags

    NEW! Super bright, can't miss them Neon / Fluorescent printed swing tags available in Hot Pink, Lime Green or Bright Orange. Match them to our neon wrapping paper or start a trend with tags that are going to liven up any product, from jars and bottles to clothing and wrapping paper sets.

    Options to add string, buy design and multiple sorts too.

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  2. Swing Tag Printing

    Standard Swing Tag Printing

    Printed on either heavy silk board or 100% recycled board our standard printed swing tags are a teeny bit gorgeous! With a 4mm hole drilled as standard you can opt to have the tags supplied with or without string. Printed one or both sides and all eco. Tag size is 55 x 85mm.

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  3. Kraft Swing Tags

    Kraft Swing Tag Printing

    Choose from four sizes, our long 148 x 50mm, standard 85 x 55mm 65mm square or A7. Printed in full colour that delivers fantastic results on our gorgeous tactile kraft board. For a swing tag that combines class with cutting edge retro rustic charm and elegance these are the tags for you.

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  4. Gold or silver swing tag printing

    Gold and Silver Swing Tags

    For the ultimate in glam accessories these swing tags are just the product you need. Litho printed in silver or gold metallic ink on heavy 350gsm silk board the tags are sized at 85 x 55mm. Supplied with a pre-drilled hole there is also the option to add string if required.

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  5. Square Swing Tag Printing

    Square Swing Tag Printing

    Our square 65 x 65mm swing tags have a modern look to them, a little bit more contemporary than our standard or long printed swing tags.  Choose from 300gsm soft sheen silk art board or pulp finish uncoated board, supplied with a 4mm hole and with or without string. Printing can be on one or both sides and if you have a hankering for lots of designs make the most of our generous multiple sorts option.

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  6. Strip Swing Tags

    Long Swing Tag Printing

    For a swing tag that needs to say a bit more about the product this long tag at 148 x 50mm is a good bet. Our swing tag printing can be one or both sides on 100% recycled uncoated or smooth silk art boards and printed using vegetable oil based inks. If your eco credentials are important to you then our swing tags are a winner. Fill your boots with out multi-sorts option too.

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  7. Folded Swing Tags

    Folded Swing Tag Printing

    For those products that either need lots of information up front, or for products that require a classic and classier tag our folded swing tag is an ideal option. Printed on 300gsm materials from sustainable sources using eco-friendly printing, our folded swing tags have the option of being delivered with string or left with 3mm holes for application using a kimble. Finished folded size is 65 x 50mm. Use our unique multi-sorts option and order up to 4 sorts for the same price as one sort!

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  8. Multi Sorts Swing Tag Printing

    Multi-Sort Swing Tag Printing

    There are times when one type of tag will just not cut the mustard. So we've solved the problem by introducing multi-sort swing tags that we print on our digital press to give you all the tag options that you require in one easy order. Standard tag size, 85 x 55mm.

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Printed Swing Tags and Swing Tickets

Here's a range of custom swing tag printing to meet all your requirements, printed with vegetable oil-based inks or environmentally friendly toners.

Custom swing tags are used by pretty much every clothing retailer or manufacturer. With the organic clothing movement attracting bigger audiences, the swing tag itself is coming under scrutiny. Allow us to introduce our range of eco printed swing tags. With a growing range of suitable recycled and /or eco materials you can rest assured that your printed swing tags will be both green and gorgeous.

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