Data Cleaning Services

Data Cleaning Services

Keeping reliable and up-to-date data

This subject is likely to put you in a little daze, however, data cleansing should be an integral procedure within any company that holds consumer data. Data cleansing allows you to maintain the highest data quality by de-duping, suppressing and appending key personal details. The good news is us folks at A Local Printer love cleaning and making databases look all shiny and new again! We encourage regular data cleansing as personal circumstances continuously change: house moves, name changes and mortalities will all decay your database.

Our data cleaning solutions

Our data cleansing solutions incorporate mortality screening, data enrichment, suppressing and flagging gone-aways: these data cleansing techniques counteract decay caused by such changes. Business data can decay at over 40% per annum and Consumer data can decay at 30% per annum.

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