Special Eco Papers

Special Eco Papers

In addition to our recycled and Carbon Capture papers we also have a couple of special eco papers dotted throughout the website.

Vision Eucalyptus

Fibre from Eucalyptus Globulus trees is recognised as ideal for manufacturing premium papers due to its make up of short fibres which deliver consistent properties: excellent softness, bulk, rigidity, dimensional stability and wet strength. It also provides more pulp that most ‘crop’ grown trees, which translates as more paper being produced from harvesting the same amount of wood as other species, increasing efficiencies and economies

Environmental Properties

Eucalyptus trees are a fast-growing evergreen species highly efficient in retaining carbon dioxide and countering the greenhouse effect. They are also very efficient in using the water available to them. Without long or deep roots, they regulate transpiration through their leaves, retaining excess water for use in periods of drought, rather like camels. Additionally, research has shown that eucalyptus can be long term cultivated on a site with no undesirable effects, with mineral salts being returned to the land from seasonal falls of leaves and bark.

CupCycle® Paper

CupCycle® paper is the result of the world’s first recycling process dedicated to upcycling single use, take-away cups.

Whilst a staggering 2.5 billion cups are thrown away each year in the UK, the polyethylene coating of coffee cups means that they can only be recycled through specialist facilities. The CupCycling™ process removes the plastic lining allowing 95% of the cup waste to be converted back in to paper. The remaining 5% of the cup, the plastic liner, is used for energy recovery in the production of the recycled paper.

Coffee outlets, cafés or retailers as well as other businesses send used paper cups via recycling and waste management companies to James Cropper PLC for Cupcycling™. The cups are collected and baled close to source, so that they can be delivered efficiently on a large scale.

In 2019 around 120 million cups were recycled back to paper, and there is the capacity to recycle 500 million paper cups each year.

CupCycling™, has the potential to revolutionise paper cup recycling forever.