Benefits of Flyer Printing from A Local Printer

Flyers come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes there are so many options that our brain starts to hurt and we forget what it was that we wanted in the first place! In a nutshell a flyer is a product printed on heavy board that you use for promoting your products or services. Pretty straight forward.

Affordable eco-friendly printing from a company that cares.
Buy Online, Get Flyers, Grow Business.

At A Local Printer we want you to have a choice when it comes to ordering your flyer printing – but we don’t want to confuse you by mixing weight (gsm) with thickness (microns) which essentially all lead to the same thing; how it feels in your hand. 

We want you to have a choice of sizes and we hope that 9 should be enough! Absolutely you might want something that does not tick one of the boxes, which is why we have our online quote button on every page - so you can have exactly what you want. That is what makes us a good printer.

Our aim is to make ordering your flyers a pain free process, based on simple material and size choices. Try it for size and see how it fits your requirements! 

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5000 A6 flyers for £88.00

We think our flyer printing is a cut above our competitors and we don’t mind telling you why

  • We print our flyers on 300gsm material from sustainable sources* and print them with vegetable oil based inks for a truly eco-friendly product, which we think is important.

  • Some of our flyers are printed on our digital press. We tell you this in advance and also turn it in to a benefit by giving you the option to order up to 5 different sorts for the same price. No other online printer offers this as a core service!

  • We have been trading since the dawn of time and this makes us very knowledgable about all thinks printy (note the technical term). If you have some questions or need advice then we are a breathing print encyclopaedia but without the boring bits.

  • When you telephone us your call will be answered by real people who wear many hats. We can find out your delivery status, quote status, job status and proofing status plus pretty much anything else you might want to know. And if we can’t tell you there and then we find out and call you back because we believe that great service is a given.


Flyer Printing Headache? Give us a call!

We really are very happy to give advice. We prefer to solve customer problems personally rather than via a pop-up text box on the screen. It is so much easier and ultimately more productive to have a proper two way conversation when both parties can ask questions and fire off each other. Plus, if your typing speed is a good as mine it would take ten minutes to articulate what I wanted in the first place!


When it comes to getting your flyers under way, don’t forget......

Think about your audience to determine the material that will work best for your flyers. An eco-friendly or natural product is a shoo in for recycled paper, whereas night club flyers work better on silk (jazz club) or gloss (rave).

Read through your text and then check it again for spelling and grammar. We generally manage to catch the howlers but sadly some slip through the net.

To add a 3mm bleed to your artwork. Sounds scary – don’t worry we can fix it for you at no additional cost. We also have a handy section all about artwork - it might be worth a browse through.

*Sustainable sources. What the heck is that? Some while ago it was recognised that chopping down the rain forest to make pulp for paper was a Really Bad Thing. So instead it was encouraged that certain trees be grown as a crop, specifically for pulp for paper. These forest crops also benefit from a type of 'fair trade for trees' policy which means that the people growing them get a fair price for their crop and that the forests are inspected and managed properly. All good news.


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