Benefits of Leaflet Printing from A Local Printer

Did you know that we have seven different opportunities for ordering your leaflet products on our website, and within each of those products you can choose your paper and type of folds required? On the face of it that is a lot of leaflets to get your head around but actually it all makes perfect sense, as I will try to demonstrate here by following the four fundamentals. 

  • The first fundamental is whether your leaflet is Flat or Folded?
  • The second fundamental is if it has printing on one or two sides?
  • The third fundamental is what type of material you want?
  • The fourth fundamental is the type and number of folds you need, if any?

 Once you have answered these questions you can go ahead and make your leaflet selection. So how about a little help to get you on your way.

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Flat or folded – this is fairly obvious! We offer a standard range of four flat leaflet sizes as frankly this is all that anyone really needs. Fancy schmancy sizes are all well and good but you need to think about if they are going in a display stand or in an envelope and whether a non–standard size is going to reap more value to you than the cost of having a bespoke leaflet size printed. For those of you who want a non-standard size good on you! Click on the Quick Quote button at the top or bottom of the page and we will get a bespoke price over to you faster than you can say ‘half of a B5 size’. 

Single or double sided printing – come on you know the answer to this one! Our folded leaflet products are all printed double sided so there is no option for single sided with these.

What type of material – well this is slightly more tricky as it comes down to personal preference and to an extent also the product or service that you are promoting. To clarify, the recycled material is uncoated, which some people call matt. To describe it, it has a similar feel to the paper that you put through a printer but ours is thicker. Gloss Art has a high gloss shine to it and Silk Art has a soft sheen to it. Both of these are known as coated papers.  In terms of leaflet printing all three of these papers deliver a lovely finished product.

The recycled paper works well as a medium for organic, eco or retro products and delivers flatter and more muted tones where the ink has been absorbed in to the material. On the other hand our coated papers both deliver bright and colourful print with a faithful reproduction of your artwork. Ideal if you want a bit of extra zing in your printing.

Type and number of folds – this is more complicated and deserving of clarification.

Concertina folds or Zig-Zag Folds. Exactly as they are described, starting with 2 creases creating 3 panels on each side which therefore equals 6 panels (pages) in total. 3 creases will make 4 panels on each side, so an 8 page leaflet in total, and so on.

Roll Fold is similar to the above in terms of the number of creases creating panels of print, but instead of being folded in a zig-zag fashion the leaflet is rolled in on itself along the creases from one end to the other. 

Leaflet Folding Illustrations

Roll Fold Folding Illustration Single fold IllustrationConcertina Folding Illustration


Map Fold or Cross Fold. Think of a leaflet that is folded as a concertina or roll fold and then has the top folded over on itself, from top to bottom. This has the result of folding all of those original panels in half and thereby doubling them. Just like a standard map and giving you anything from 8 to 24 pages (panels) to play with!

So now that you have decided on the four fundamentals all you need to do is browse through our leaflet printing section and make your choice. And if you get stuck or want a bit of guidance just give us a call on 01903 742003 and we will be happy to help.