The Benefits of Postcard Printing from A Local Printer

So what is the benefit of postcard printing? Well, postcards these days have two core functions – the good old fashioned ‘Wish you were here’ product and as a cutting edge marketing tool. And as far as we are concerned both types are absolutely fine by us!

Eco-friendly postcard printing from a company that cares.
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The traditional style postcard still has a valid place in the world today as a kitsch way to keep in touch rather than opting for digital communications.  It is also used effectively as a marketing implement in the sense that it acts a souvenir or reminder of an event or place. Think museums with postcards of their most important pieces, or stately homes and places of historical interest. But where postcards have come in to their own is as a highly effective direct mail marketing tool.

Postcards are suitable for every industry; they offer a quick and easy route to sharing information and are simple to create and inexpensive. And the icing on the cake is that unlike other forms of direct mail the postcard is almost always read. After all, you don’t need to open it; the information is right in front of you in easy to digest chunks.

If the mailing postcard is ticking your boxes then why not engage us to print and mail it for you? We can take your mailing list and either print the variable data names and addresses directly on to your postcards, or label and mail them on our own Royal Mail account. It is economical and effective.

Postcard Printing Benefits and Choices

  • Our postcards are litho printed with vegetable oil based inks on material from sustainable sources.
  • We offer the option of printing smaller runs on our digital press and give you the amazing free benefit of printing up to five sorts for the same price. 
  • We offer a range of materials and sizes so that you can find the postcard you want.
  • Our customer service team are able to give you product advice, design help, delivery and printing status information straight away, which we think is pretty cool. 

A bit about material

This is a specialist material that has two different sides to it – a glossy coated front and an uncoated reverse that is easy to write on. For postcards like they used to be!

Silk Art
For postcard printing with a smooth sheen and feel that delivers high contrast printing and great colour reproduction.

Recycled Uncoated
For an eco-friendly look and feel. Both sides can easily be written on and the board is thick to the touch. 

Postcard Printing Nightmare? We’re here to help!

We really are very happy to make recommendations and solve problems where we can. We prefer to communicate personally rather than via an anonymous pop-up ‘chat now’ box on the screen. It is friendlier and ultimately more constructive to have a proper dialogue that allows both parties to talk freely without having to worry about spelling emulsion aggregate or something equally challenging!