How postcard printing can boost your marketing successAnswers on a postcard: how a few words, a striking image and postcard printing can boost your marketing campaigns.

Why postcard printing can boost your marketing & promotions

When it comes to promoting your business, product or service, opting to print postcards should not be overlooked.

Most people will say that everyday life is too crowded with marketing materials: direct mail, email, newsletters and pop-ups on the computer, all bursting with information that we don’t have the time to read. 

So why should postcard printing be any different in the marketing world?

As companies try to find ever more ingenious ways of getting their message across to their audience, the humble postcard is emerging as a marketing tool in its own right: cost-effective, versatile and personal.

At A Local Printer we offer a wide range of postcard printing services, satisfying the marketing needs of clients from across diverse sectors, from Community Interest Companies to textiles.

Silk Art postcards have a soft sheen and is smooth to the touch, while recycled postcards using pulpy uncoated board is especially popular with our organic and eco-conscious customers.
Our Trucard postcard printing option is just like the postcards of old that we know and love (and see far fewer of, as digital communication takes over!).  An eye-catching image on one side with a matt reverse, Trucard postcard printing provides postcards with ‘traditional’ stamped all over them.
If you want to print postcards in smaller runs of 25 up to 1000 check out our small order postcard printing -  perfect for multiple designs or what’s known as ‘variable data printing’, meaning personalised messages or data for mailing, like a mail merge.
Trucard Postcard Printing    Quick Print Postcard Printing 

Why postcard printing is becoming an integral part of marketing campaigns

• Postcards can be read quickly and easily; no envelopes to open or spam filters to negotiate
• A carefully chosen image and short but meaningful copy mean that postcard printing offers a marketing communication that feels personal, when many other marketing materials feel increasingly impersonal
• Postcard printing means versatility. Whether your postcard is following up a previous contact (or is in advance of a new one), highlighting a special offer, or a reminder or a simple ‘thank you’ for past business, there’s a marketing opportunity where postcard printing can fit the bill
• Postcard marketing works for businesses of every size
• Designing an effective postcard is quick and uncomplicated. A Local Printer’s experienced design team can deal with any queries about your postcard printing to get these little marketing marvels working for you as soon as possible
• Because your postcard is instantly readable, your potential client is absorbing its message while scanning the day’s mail and deciding what to keep
• Postcard marketing delivers information fast and with little effort needed on the part of the recipient. Our Small Order postcard printing option means that our customers can choose more than one design with their order to see which one works best. 
What should you include in your postcard design for maximum effect? 
• A clear headline
• A graphic that supports your message
• A brief message that will keep your content relevant, with enough information about your offer and a call to action 
• Your contact information: company name, address and logo
And it’s important to keep it simple. A postcard that looks like a ‘wish you were here’ card from a friend produces a positive emotional response from the reader, meaning that they are more likely to be receptive to your offer.

From leaflet printing to postcard printing and beyond
As well as digital and litho postcard printing, at A Local Printer we produce a comprehensive range of materials for your business, including swing tags and labels, posters, flyers, leaflets and desk pads.
Professional help to discuss your printing with our friendly team is only a phone call away on 01903 742003.