Presentation Folder PrintingUp the ante of your presentation folder by dipping into some of the tactile and textures boards that are currently available.  If you are brave enough to stick with a single colour design the feel of a linen or felt board will last long in your customers mind and enhance your image through a less is more approach. Often a simple image is the one that is retained the longest, and making the material integral to your folder will leave an enduring image.

Design your Presentation Folder for the Recipient

When thinking about presentation folders the first thing that pops in to the mind is corporate = dull. But this need not be the case! A great design will make your folders eye-catching and memorable - delivering an at-a-glance insight into your organisation whilst boosting your brand. Choose double-sided presentation folders to increase the available space still further but use it wisely; rather than fill the space with blurb that you know no-one will read instead demonstrate the lighter side of your business with something bright and fun. Again, this will tick all the recognition and recall boxes.

Presentation folder design

At A Local Printer our aim is to make presentation folder printing pretty simple. We have a full selection of PDF folder templates available to download from our website so you can fit your artwork to it and be sure that it will work in terms of design in conjunction with the folder construction. But don’t worry if that all seems too tricky, we have a full studio design team on hand to help you out.

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