Buy our design for your Flyer PrintingEven with the best will in the world sometimes it is difficult to get your head around the flyer you want to advertise your business. You may not even be able to visualise what the final product should look like. If this sounds like you, have no fear – the studio team at A Local Printer are here to ease the way towards your fantastic flyer printing with a bang-on design!

We have a fully staffed design studio that is specifically geared up to create new customer designs that will translate beautifully as print on paper. There is nothing worse than investing in an expensive design that simply cannot be printed to the effect that the designer has created. And whilst we want to give you exactly what you want, it is also our job to advise you if your design won’t meet your expectations. For example, typically we see design agency driven enquiries for metallic inks on uncoated paper. Looks lovely on the screen – looks disappointing in reality as all inks are absorbed on uncoated paper, which includes metallic. The glossy gold that you anticipated in reality is a flat gold with little sheen. 

So how do you go about getting a bespoke design for your flyer printing?

Well this is not as difficult as it sounds. All we need from you are a few key pointers and then we can get down to it. Things we need you to think about are:- 

  • The content of your flyer. Whilst we can bring everything together in to the final product we need you to come up with the content. You know what it is you are selling; what your promotion is; who your target audience is; what locations you are targeting. 

For example you might be selling gardening services to the Horsham district, have a monthly special offer for grass cutting and discount prices for OAPs. Your services may include carting away the garden rubbish and seasonal tasks such as tree and hedge trimming and patio washing. All of this is the relevant information we need to create your flyer for you.

  • Have a ponder about the sort of images you would like, and if you have your own then that is perfect. We would always rather use your own pictures than buy stock images for your flyer printing.
  • Consider the style of your flyer, and by that I mean corporate, quirky, retro, modern etc. You might have strong ideas on colour and the sort of typeface that you want to use to create a specific look and feel. 

  • Do a bit of research. A browse around the internet for similar businesses to yours will give you lots of ideas that you can recycle for your own flyer but in a totally unique way.
  • Finally, select ‘Buy Design’ from ‘Build your Order’ on the flyer product page; this is our trigger to get in touch with you and take all the relevant information for the design of your flyer printing.

Owner of A Local Printer with a love of eco-printing, cupcakes and rooting through the paper bins for exciting samples.