Why Loyalty Card Printing and Vouchers Will Win You BusinessIt is a fact - we have become a nation of savvy shoppers. We know where to go to get the best deals; we check voucher sites before making an online purchase and whilst we once shunned loyalty points and vouchers they have now become valid currency in the game to get more for less.
So as a business what should we be making of this phenomena? One thing is clear – to get more business it has to be attractive to potential new customers and rewarding to existing ones.  These days it doesn’t matter what type of business you are in because guaranteed it will be a very competitive market! From cafes (free coffee for every 6 purchased) to holidays (stay 6 nights and get one free) if you do not have an edge then the consumer is likely to click or walk away…..

However frustrating this seems to the small business owner the aim is to lure new customers in and then use that opportunity to demonstrate why they should keep coming back to you.  It may take a single knock-your-socks-off deal, but this could be worth every penny in repeat business.

Loyalty Card Printing is the comeback kid

A quick look around the High Street is all we need to see that Loyalty Card Printing is also making a comeback and is an ideal way for customers to see their points or rewards notching up.  Points awarded for purchases above a certain spend will often result in a little extra being put through the checkout just to ensure that the valuable loyalty stamp is inked on to the card. And in terms of relationship building Loyalty Cards are a cost effective way of gathering data whilst engaging with the customer and making collecting points fun – after all, everyone gets a prize at the end of the game!
Kraft Board Loyalty Cards 
Likewise, a voucher for money off the next purchase is always a winner and perhaps an opportunity to cross sell products that complement the item bought originally. For e-commerce stores that do not have the benefit of face to face contact with the customer clever marketing will benefit from a voucher included within the delivery.  How fabulous is that – not only do you get the product delivered to your door but a voucher that essentially says ‘thanks for your business and please call again’.
As with all things there is always a word of caution to be heeded... When embarking upon a voucher or loyalty points promotion do your homework first and fix a cut off point or you might just see your promotion eating your profits!
Finally, remember to always promote with a purpose – the purpose of getting people to sample your products or services – and achieve that purpose by including an offer that sets you apart from the competition.  Whatever voucher or loyalty scheme you decide to embark upon at A Local Printer we have the product that will start you off.

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